Well I'm still going for my BQ in 5 weeks.

Happy Monday!!

Another week has come, another week has gone, my kids are like two inches taller, and my running is going much better!

I made it through a full week of normal training, post-injury.  Or "normal" training, I should say.  Because every step was filled with weirdness in my leg, and stress and anxiety in my mind.  If you run then you KNOW the stress I speak of.  hahaha  Setting a big goal is so fun.  Getting there can be STRESS.  But good news is the weirdness is subsiding by the day so I'm on the right track.

My coach text me yesterday that there will most likely be tightness and some aches and pains these upcoming weeks, and I really need to take my mind elsewhere while running"Listen to music, plan the future, solve world peace."  :)  

But three weeks of training to go!  Then two weeks of tapering.  Holla!

I ran 16 miles this weekend at normal training paces!  I have missed my training paces, it's been nearly a month.  11 zone 2 miles with a strong finish for the last 5.
My legs settled into pace just fine, but my energy was low.  My energy was low ALL week though so who knows, I was d r a g g i n g the day before.  (And there were nearly 20 hot air balloons out!!  It was seriously the best!)

Ben ran 20 miles this weekend at an easy pace of 8:01.  :P  He has another 20 miler lined up in two weeks too, his training is rocking.  Hoorah for that!

So the BQ plan is still in place, but my mental game still needs some work.  I have 18 miles this weekend and I hope after another solid week of training that I will be more confident.  It took a couple of weeks to hurt my confidence, so hopefully the same goes for building it back up.

Send me your confidence building tips.

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