Seeking: one 3:35 & one 3:10

WHEW it has been a whirlwind of a few weeks!  Race day is FOUR days away!!  We are so excited, nervous as ever, and ready to just do this thing!!!!!

March Madness

March!  Amazing weather!!  It was wonderful (now that it's starting to heat up.  I just turned on the AC and we're at 97 today!).  We spent a lot of time outside, planted flowers in some new flower pots, Dash got sick on one of two nights Ben was out of town for work, and he projectile vomited everywhere, we had fun at my dad & Laura's house and got our first swim in (they can heat their pool -- yay!), Bentz had his first field trip for preschool and we all went to the Wildlife Zoo, and last but not least...Dash got TUBES!!!  

Which maybe it's by chance, or coincidence, but he's suddenly much happier, sleeps better and talks.  lol  Who'd have thought.

5 Things Friday (x2)

Okay, let's talk favorites.  Because I know you all are reading my blog because you want to know my favorites.  LOL

But for reals though.

5 Things

Maybelline 24/7 Matte Ink though.  I LOVE this stuff.  Seriously it lasts forever and it's not drying like typical mattes are.  I hope they come out with more pinks, but they do have quite a few colors!  I used to wear so much Lipsense, and while I still love it, it is just so expensive for as fast as I would go through the gloss.  (TIP:  You can use WET N WILD Megaslicks Lip Gloss in lieu of Lipsense's gloss.  And it's like $2-3 at the grocery store and comes in clear or a million different colors.  It's not as thick, but it doesn't break down the Lipsense.)

Abound Whitnee heels.  So comfy.  So easy to walk in and even chase kidlets.  So inexpensive (a Nordstrom Rack exclusive).  I have three colors!  Perfect mom shoe.

Sweatshirts/long sleeved shirts with cutouts/holes.  This is the BEST invention if you live in  sunny Arizona.  Cold morning, nice afternoon.  Don't have to wear a cardigan nor change by afternoon.  (Images below are clickable.)

Boots No. 7 Beautifully Matte foundation.  I have the craziest oily complexion on the planet, but I have been using this for a couple of years and swear by it!!  I found it via Amber Fillerup's YouTube and it really is matte!  

This one is $8.  EIGHT DOLLARS!!  Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse!  I have only been using it for a month or so, but it's awesome for my crazy oily complexion.  I used to wear expensive foundations like Estee Lauder Double Wear, and I am so happy about finding Boots #7 and drug freaking store Maybelline Matte Mousse.  

5 Running Things (you knew I was going there)

Stayfit running belt!  It is wider than most running belts, which is AWESOME because when you pack it full, it doesn't become a spare tire that bounces and annoys you.  It lays flat against you and you don't notice it.  You can also stick a water flask in the pockets, so on longer runs I will tuck one in the small of my back and I never know it's there.

Tip:  Freeze half the water bottle and just top it off when you head out, that way you get cold water even as your body heat warms the bottle (or the sun does).

Humagels!  These are amazing gels, obviously, or I wouldn't be ranting and raving about them 24/7, and I wouldn't have become affiliated with the company.  They really are AMAZING.

I was looking for an all natural gel I could use while nursing little Dash back in the day, and I used to be a caramel GU person, but they were hard to stomach.  Humagel's are basically pureed fruit with added Chia seeds, so they are actually tasty.

I think I've covered Goodrs before, but alas, the best non-slipping running glasses approved by Arizona sweat-fest me.  Tons of colors, and super cute!  Good running sunglasses were so hard to find for so long!

The Boston Marathon is MONDAY!!!!!  I am living vicariously through so many, and I hope everyone who runs has an amazing experience and time!  And I will be streaming it in bed like last year. 

Speaking of last year, the weather is supposed to be bad again this year.  I think it will take a lot to top last year, see for yourself in my sister's video.

Which means OUR MARATHON IS IN 15 DAYS.  GULP.  One more long run tomorrow, 14, then it's on to tapering!! 

No negative thoughts ALLOWED (3.5 weeks)

Here we are, 3.5 weeks out!  1.5 weeks out from our taper!  

I don't feel ready still.  :P  

But I am about to blow up a positivity bubble and hide myself within it for the remainder of April, so I must leave all my skeptical thoughts here because they will no longer be allowed inside it WITH ME.
This spring has been epic for running (!!), but not without a few setbacks, as you know.  My legs are in a great spot now, praise the heavens, but last weekend I got freaking sick!  It was the first sickness in 4 -1/2 years (since becoming a mom) where I literally could not still function as a mom, and I found myself in bed for a couple hours on Sunday while Ben took the boys out of the house.  I even ran and carried on through bronchitis last summer (not always recommended).  This time I couldn't.

It started on Friday, and I awoke Saturday to a sore throat that felt like I had some glass stuck in my throat, unrelated stomach cramps, yet I had 18 miles that I was determined to do because I really need these long runs after my last setback.  

Then I stepped outside and it was gusty wind.  It was a combination for a miserable run, but I prevailed and I still knocked out my 18 (zone 2) miles with my last five stronger.
But I was toast!!

THEN I clued my coach in and he sidelined me for a couple of days.  "Running while ill is asking for trouble."  I also immediately got on antibiotics JIC (which I do think actually helped!).

But I have no regrets about my 18 miler, and I'm almost back to 100% now (Thursday) and have been able to log 10 miles this week (with another 5 this evening) and I think it's back to running as usual!

Now I must spit out all my negative thoughts because THIS IS IT.  No more.

What if it's a million degrees and sunny?
What if I get sick?
What if I have an off day and my pace feels too hard?
What if I can't maintain pace as planned?
What if I hit the wall and WALK?
What if it's much of a stretch to run an 8:05 pace for 26.2 miles?
What if I have stomach cramps?
What if my music has issues and I have to run without it motivating me?
What if something hurts?

I can do this.
I can do hard things.
I can and I will give it all I have.
I will stay positive.
I will say three positives for each negative thought I allow in.
It WILL hurt, it SHOULD hurt.  It will get downright miserable.  But I am training now to deal with it then.
If I don't BQ I will still PR and I can always try again, it will still be a successful race.

Onward to the last 1.5 weeks of training!!  And plenty of POSITIVE THINKING!