March Madness

March!  Amazing weather!!  It was wonderful (now that it's starting to heat up.  I just turned on the AC and we're at 97 today!).  We spent a lot of time outside, planted flowers in some new flower pots, Dash got sick on one of two nights Ben was out of town for work, and he projectile vomited everywhere, we had fun at my dad & Laura's house and got our first swim in (they can heat their pool -- yay!), Bentz had his first field trip for preschool and we all went to the Wildlife Zoo, and last but not least...Dash got TUBES!!!  

Which maybe it's by chance, or coincidence, but he's suddenly much happier, sleeps better and talks.  lol  Who'd have thought.

Bentz (4.5):
+Has become a tomato snob to the point that just recently we stopped buying them because he was wasting so many of them for being "too squishy."  So I guess his love for tomatoes is a love for very fresh tomatoes.  :P

+Still lives in his PJs.  I swear I get him dressed.  Sometimes he will change into a new pair of pajamas.

+Has a new bff at preschool and everyday when I pick him up he immediately tells me that he misses his friend.

+Still obsessed with dinosaurs!  We're over two years into this phase.  Little Dash has even started wearing Bentz's old dinosaur shirts from two years ago (Dash is a bit bigger than Bentz was lol.  They're three years apart, not two.)

+Still loves "Saturday no work!" and going to Pry's (Fry's).

+Loves to run around with Dash and scream.

+When I ask him what he wants for lunch, he'll say something like:  "cold peas, plate, water, iPad!"  I'm like...kid...that is one food.  hahaha  What ELSE?  Such a skinny mini cute boy.

+Still doesn't say his f's, so food is pood, and breakfast is brekkest.  And I love it so much and will be sad when he does grow up and can say them.

+We started, kind of, a rule where he could sleep in our bed only on weekends.  Somehow those weekends turn into more days, then every day.  :P  "Tomorrow I'll sleep in my own bed, okay?"  The next day, "how about tomorrow I will sleep in my bed.  I will, okay?  I really will."  The next day, "tomorrow I'll sleep in my bed...."  So forth.  HOWEVER, we've said if he goes straight to sleep then he can stay in our bed.  It's turned a drawn out bedtime into a quick one!  HA

+Is the sweetest boy we love!!

Dash (1.5):
+Is a mommy's boy again!  I usually jet out on my runs when Ben walks in the door from work, and typically everyone is thrilled to have dad (fun parent!) home, but lately Dash immediately starts crying when he sees Ben, and comes running to me.  Because he's figured out that means that I am on my way out!

+Fell asleep in the waiting room before his surgery, so they were able to wheel him back to the OR without him waking up and realizing he was separating from his mama.  That was the BEST THING EVER, cuz I dreaded the separation so much.

+Still eats a lot of baby food because most of the real foods, or poods ;) , get thrown on the floor.  When he's happier he'll munch on some chicken nuggets, so that's been more and more lately now that he's not plagued by ear infections.

+So it's April now, but I will probably not post April for a minute, but last week I learned that he knows his NUMBERS and his ALPHABET?!  He went from not talking much, to talking a lot and singing.  He can identify his numbers and letters, even if they aren't in order, and has become very obsessed with letter/number toys.  I do not think this is normal as he's 19 months!!?

+The other morning he was still dead asleep in our bed while I was in the bathroom getting Bentz ready for preschool.  Suddenly I hear, "EIGHT!," turn, and he's no longer on the bed asleep.  Too excited for his ABC/# toys in the family room to come to us in the bathroom first.

+Doesn't co-sleep, but in the early morning 5-6ish I will put him in bed with me for a little bit as he's starting to wake up.  He loves it.  (So do I, I shalln't lie.  Plus then I don't have to wake up at 5.)

+Is cute and we love him!

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