No negative thoughts ALLOWED (3.5 weeks)

Here we are, 3.5 weeks out!  1.5 weeks out from our taper!  

I don't feel ready still.  :P  

But I am about to blow up a positivity bubble and hide myself within it for the remainder of April, so I must leave all my skeptical thoughts here because they will no longer be allowed inside it WITH ME.
This spring has been epic for running (!!), but not without a few setbacks, as you know.  My legs are in a great spot now, praise the heavens, but last weekend I got freaking sick!  It was the first sickness in 4 -1/2 years (since becoming a mom) where I literally could not still function as a mom, and I found myself in bed for a couple hours on Sunday while Ben took the boys out of the house.  I even ran and carried on through bronchitis last summer (not always recommended).  This time I couldn't.

It started on Friday, and I awoke Saturday to a sore throat that felt like I had some glass stuck in my throat, unrelated stomach cramps, yet I had 18 miles that I was determined to do because I really need these long runs after my last setback.  

Then I stepped outside and it was gusty wind.  It was a combination for a miserable run, but I prevailed and I still knocked out my 18 (zone 2) miles with my last five stronger.
But I was toast!!

THEN I clued my coach in and he sidelined me for a couple of days.  "Running while ill is asking for trouble."  I also immediately got on antibiotics JIC (which I do think actually helped!).

But I have no regrets about my 18 miler, and I'm almost back to 100% now (Thursday) and have been able to log 10 miles this week (with another 5 this evening) and I think it's back to running as usual!

Now I must spit out all my negative thoughts because THIS IS IT.  No more.

What if it's a million degrees and sunny?
What if I get sick?
What if I have an off day and my pace feels too hard?
What if I can't maintain pace as planned?
What if I hit the wall and WALK?
What if it's much of a stretch to run an 8:05 pace for 26.2 miles?
What if I have stomach cramps?
What if my music has issues and I have to run without it motivating me?
What if something hurts?

I can do this.
I can do hard things.
I can and I will give it all I have.
I will stay positive.
I will say three positives for each negative thought I allow in.
It WILL hurt, it SHOULD hurt.  It will get downright miserable.  But I am training now to deal with it then.
If I don't BQ I will still PR and I can always try again, it will still be a successful race.

Onward to the last 1.5 weeks of training!!  And plenty of POSITIVE THINKING!

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