Seeking: one 3:35 & one 3:10

WHEW it has been a whirlwind of a few weeks!  Race day is FOUR days away!!  We are so excited, nervous as ever, and ready to just do this thing!!!!!

Ben and I both had solid last long runs (14 milers) a week+ ago and we had some of it downhill which surprisingly made the effort a lot easier!  lol  Duh, I know.  But it's still nice to practice that feeling where you can turn a typical zone 3 into a zone 2 effort.  According to my coach, you can run a zone 2, and even a zone 3, for a very long time.

9 zone 2 (8:39-9:20) + 5 strong finish:
I've been wigging out a little bit, and I know it's a lot of the taper working on my mental game.  Something I haven't shared with my social media circle, or anyone outside of Ben and Charlie, really, is that during my only workout of the taper (last week), I strained my hamstring and had to stop.  It has been a huge bummer for me and I have missed taper runs (thankfully they are only taper runs and not anything to increase my fitness).  It just plain sucks though.  I made it to my last long run, that 14 miler, and was like WAHOO I ACTUALLY MADE IT!!!  And then my next run, the first of the taper, proved to be the kicker.

But I am still optimistic as I was able to run 3 miles with strides yesterday before quitting, and there is still four days where technically I can rest.  

In other news, there's a huge heat wave hitting the west coast so we're looking at race day temperatures in the 90s for the high.  The race will start 30 minutes earlier this year, but those last 4-5 miles are going to be really tough and I can only hope there will be at least one cloud in the desert sky.  People are really freaking out about the weather, but we at least live in the desert and are acclimated and know what it will feel like, versus those flying in from actual winter weather.

It's hard not to be down about all the things I cannot control, but I KNOW I can do this.  Even if it doesn't happen this time, I know I will fully succeed at some point.  If anything, this training cycle has proven to myself that if I push, I will be rewarded, and I am much more capable than I ever thought.

I have also learned this year that running hurts FAR more than it has ever in my 20+ years of running.  :P

Alas, race day goals:
-1:44 to 1:45 first half (7:59-8:01)
-1:47 to 1:48 second half.  (8:10-8:15, slowest would be an 8:23 pace)
-I will fuel six times, every four miles with HUMAGEL!
-Drink at every aid station + Gatorade the second half.

I've left a little buffer, my BQ time is 3:35.  I'm hoping with the new qualification standards, this year just a BQ will get you in to run Boston (which would've been a 5:00 buffer for the previous qualifications, a bigger buffer than ever needed before).  But I really want a buffer of something in case their is an influx of qualifiers this year.

B-Z goals:  PR (beat 3:56 @ 9:00 pace)
As for Ben, he has absolutely rocked this training cycle!  He has had zero setbacks, and nailed his training paces, and he has had multiple 20 milers and a lot of race paced stuff.  He says he was more confident in his first marathon than this one, though, but he is optimistic still.  And who isn't overly confident when they've never run a marathon?  lol  

He ran a 1:25 half on this course before, so I think he can run a 3:07-3:08.

I am not 100%, but I think his race plan is 7:00 through mile 22, 8:00 for the last 4.2 lonnnng miles.  (His plan is a little more aggressive than mine, but with all his 20 milers, etc. he is less likely to hit the wall with an aggressive plan.)

We are both listed on this page -->

HERE GOES NOTHING!  If anything, I hope Ben has a great race.  He deserves it!!!

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