April Mapril


More great weather around here (minus ...a few ill timed days :P ), we had a great Easter and Bentz is old enough to really get excited for holidays so it makes it more fun, little Dash proved to be quite the happy and talkative child and is a completely different boy than before he had tubes put in his ears (HE EVEN SLEEPS!), my mom came into town for a week to spend time with the boys and let Ben and I head to Vegas for our roasty race, our winter grass died and we're all anxiously awaiting our crappier summer grass to come in to make the yard more welcoming to play in.  Yes, that was important enough to include.  :P

May, with the dead in between season grasses here, and green grass and welcoming weather up in SLC always makes me miss springtime there!

Bentz: (1.5):
+Is nearing the end of his first year of preschool and he grew so much.  I feel like he grew into a full on kid these past six months.  He's tall, less baby looking, and becoming quite independent.

+Went through a little bit of a rough attitude patch around the time Dash started saying his ABCs and #s, and I think it may have been jealousy over the attention Dash was getting.  I have been trying to give Bentz extra attention and be really proud of his accomplishments, and tell him Dash learned his ABCs from his big brother!

+Is kind of in an ABC phase since Dash is.  It's cute.

+Went through a hilarious phase where he thought there was an I in his name.  He INSISTED there was.  They had class evaluations and he didn't pass the part where he knows how to spell his name, then on the "name" line, there it was written:  B-E-N-T-I-L-E-Y.  Ha!  I think we've convinced him there isn't an I, but sometimes he still insists.

+Still as skinny as can be.  Eats vegetables and loves them!  Eats lunchables and leaves the candy/dessert portion (as you can see in the picture above).  Hasn't eaten a lot of his Easter candy, but rather carries it with him all over the place in his backpack, and "organizes" it periodically.  I am pretty sure I am the one eating it.  ha

+Basically sleeps in our bed again.  I know.  #suckers

+Will still nap when I ask him to, but his naps are hours long thus they will keep him up later at night.  I really need to wake him up after an hour or so, but.... you know.

+Loves preschool and rarely has any troubles at drop off these days.

+Still a pajama boy.  Some days he will change into a new pair of pajamas instead of clothes.  And when he chooses his pajamas, they can be mismatched or a size too small, but he insists.  It's cute.

+Is a sweet boy and when he gets frustrated he doesn't hit, which I am pretty sure I did at his age.  Hit, claw, yell.  Bentz will yell and run away to his quiet spot, which is my office.

+Has been planning his birthday party for awhile.  Everything "is por the party!"  Even though it's not for another four months.  :P  If I eat any of his Easter candy, "mom, that's por the party!"  "How many days until my party?"  He's turning five so we're not doing a friends party (I'm not ready to introduce that yet), but he's still excited for a little get together none-the-less.

+Is a sweetheart and we LOVE him!!

Dash (1.5):
+Dash has morphed from a quiet, non-sleeping, often fussy boy, to a happy, sleeps all night long, naps sometimes hours, and chats NON-STOP boy!  Tubes have been life changing and I only wish we had done them last year!  Poor guy was miserable for so long.

+One day I had on Bob the Train and the numbers song was playing, then the numbers were showing on the screen without Bob saying them, and I faintly heard little Dash say, "sithx, se-en, eight, nine, TEN!"  And I was like...WHAT did I just hear coming from my silent little Dash who doesn't even say mama?  Did he say his numbers?!?  So I rewound it and got my camera ready, and sure enough, he recognized the numbers and knew them!  I was amazed.  He was 18 months at the time.

+Well a few proud days later, I was like, 'maybe he knows some of his alphabet if he knows his numbers.'  I pulled out an ABC toy and started going through them, and he knew EVERY SINGLE LETTER!!  A couple weeks later I was like,...'why would he only be able to count to 10?' and I started counting with him, and he went all the way to 20.  I am amazed!

+His favorite toys are the number and letter toys.  He loves them so much and spends a majority of each day with them in his hands, organizing them, saying them out loud a million times, and I love it.  I guess my quiet little Dash is actually really a smart, precocious boy.  He just probably couldn't hear himself for so long because of his ears being clogged forever, that he never talked.

+He also has been into getting into my cabinet and organizing my bottles/canisters like hairspray, astringent, dry shampoos, hair dye.  Basically all the things he really shouldn't have hahaha, but I let him do it on the bathtub behind me as I get ready. We have our drawers all locked, but I have a rubber band on the cabinet doors to hold them closed, but he's figured out they stretch open enough to get in and grab something (or just get his head stuck lol!).

+Still puts food away!!  And by food, mostly crackers!  Won't try anything still, occasionally once in a blue moon will eat chicken nuggets or pizza, but he prefers to eat baby food (apple-chicken) and yogurt, crackers and pouches.  He eats enough to be a big boy though!  He is probably only 5# less than Bentz at this point.

+Wears mostly 2T stuff but things don't fit him like they really should.  lol  His belly is super tight, but his shoulders are loose.  18 month shirts are belly shirts, and 18 month shorts are tight.  Some 2T shorts are tight.  I think he's going to be a big boy because he has big feet too, and always has, and I feel like that's often an indicator of future stature.

+Doesn't like his hands to be messy and will freak out if they get messy.  Sometimes will eat pizza, but I have to feed it to him bite by bite.  If he eats it himself, it gets on his hands and oh boy.  Even if I cut it in small pieces, it'll just go on the floor.  :P

+Has enough hair to sort of do!  Mohawk.

+Says BLESS YOU whenever he sneezes.  One time he farted and said BLESS YOU.  I was across the room and busted up.  Kids are a riot.

+Has the cutest little grin and gives the sweetest cuddles which we love!!

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