Running's the worst! So what's next!?


We let the dust settle and went to dinner with our coach.  We hummed and hawed over the idea of a do-over in the next few months (we'd have to BQ before September to get in to 2020).
We decided to just let it go, and go back to base. 

The logistics of finding a race destination, lower altitude preferably (we train at 1200), coordinating/flying a babysitter in, paying for the whole nine yards, and then training for pace through some hot days, just seem overwhelming.  And I think for a minute I'm over the Revel fulls and dealing with the downhill pounding and aftermath.

If it was guaranteed we'd both BQ, then maybe.  But even on a good day in Charleston, I was only feeling partially confident in a BQ.  A PR I was feeling 95% though.  DNF wasn't even on my radar. 

So we have a 5k in California next month which would be fun to PR at, and I decided to run the Deseret News 1/2 in SLC in July!  We have a family reunion up in Logan that week and the 24th of July is a mid week state holiday, so why not?!  (I'm also taking the boys to LAGOON that week!!)
Then NYC Marathon in November, and Scottsdale 1/2 in December (use code CHRISTY15 to save 15%!!).  I'd also like to run Phoenix Turkey Trot (also use code CHRISTY15 to save 15%) but I will have to find a new trotting partner since mine moved cleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar to tornaaaaaaado alley TeXaS ya'all.

So today it is back to regular scheduling and base mileage and pace.  I can't wait to run this evening!  I feel so out of shape.  :P

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