Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!  Only it's Tuesday.  And I should be working on my RC Willey Layton revisions, but I think I'm about over work for the day.

So my current favorites:

1-Cooling towel!  I have been running in 100 degree evening temperatures and have found that cooling towels help.  I put it in cold water (and lately freezer for a few minutes) before heading out.  I carry a bottle of ice water and dump that on it after a half hour or so, to re-wet.

2-Ultra Dark Tanceuticals self tanner.  Althought I have yet to find a tanner that doesn't sweat off a little bit while I run in a 100 degrees and sweat like a pig, this one at least doesn't smell like self tanner.  It smells coconut-y and hasn't ever streaked.  This is the ultra dark.

3-SexyHair surf rider hairspray.  I have no texture in my hair, not kidding, NONE.  I have hair similar to a baby.  FINE AS A FINE WINE.  I actually don't even know if that's true.  But this stuff is great for some texture, or texture hairspray, and it smells lovely.

4-Shein.  Stuff is cheap, because it's from China....just like most of the stuff you buy at the mall.  :P  The quality is the same as Forever 21, etc., and my packages arrive usually in 5-7 days.  You get rewards if you post reviews, so you can read a bajillion reviews before risking $12 on a swimsuit.  Usually for me they work out!  Sorry Albion Fit, I can't justify your $140 swimsuit that looks the same as a $10 one.  Some things are just best left for cheap!  (But not denim or shoes lol)

5-Dad Jokes Facebook group.  I seriously save so many jokes and have nothing to do with them other than bombard my family, so I will post a few more here.  Outside of the cesspool of negativity that Facebook has become these days, I find so much happiness thanks to my dad's jokes group.

Have a wonderful week!

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day!  I am so lucky and blessed to be the mama to these two little boys!!  They, and their dad, made my Mother's Day weekend wonderful!!!  I don't understand how I got to be so lucky.

Magical May

May!  The coldest May in 30 was FANTASTIC.  Even so, we had some pool time (thanks to heated water!), spent some fun days with my dad and Laura, Bentz finished his first year of preschool, he started swimming lessons and has been a little scared, I got my first nephew on my side (!!) and Memorial Day at the pool was only low 70s!!  Crazy talk.

May was great.  Little Dash is happy as can be and talks non-stop, and I wish we had gotten him ear tubes last year.  What a life changing surgery that was!

Migraines & Dad Jokes OH MY

I have so much work and stuff on my plate that my body is starting to fail me and I am sitting here with sunglasses on, staring at my dimmed night mode computer screens, in a dark house, while trying to knock out some work and also avoid a migraine.  :P  I haven't had migraines in nearly 8-10 YEARS 'til last week.

Work is too busy, and I have busy boys that I want to play with too!  TOO MUCH.  Honestly I feel like I am not doing that bad stress wise, but apparently my body disagrees.  We are not seeing eye to eye here.

My left arm is tingling which is the first sign of the impending doom, but sometimes I can take precautions and stop it from progressing.  So far so good.  Next would be my vision, the point of no return, which gets blurry like I just stared at the sun, and is immediately followed up by the dreaded headache.  Back in the day my whole body would go numb and tingly, once I had an MRI to make sure it wasn't a stroke or something.  Migraines are sooo WHACK and I'm sorry for you who have them consistently.

And the problem with Imitrex?  I can't workout for like two days after cuz it messes with my blood pressure.  lol  Running is my sanity!!!

So if this isn't the most random post of the day, here's a pick-me-up collection of DAD JOKES to make it that: