Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites!  Only it's Tuesday.  And I should be working on my RC Willey Layton revisions, but I think I'm about over work for the day.

So my current favorites:

1-Cooling towel!  I have been running in 100 degree evening temperatures and have found that cooling towels help.  I put it in cold water (and lately freezer for a few minutes) before heading out.  I carry a bottle of ice water and dump that on it after a half hour or so, to re-wet.

2-Ultra Dark Tanceuticals self tanner.  Althought I have yet to find a tanner that doesn't sweat off a little bit while I run in a 100 degrees and sweat like a pig, this one at least doesn't smell like self tanner.  It smells coconut-y and hasn't ever streaked.  This is the ultra dark.

3-SexyHair surf rider hairspray.  I have no texture in my hair, not kidding, NONE.  I have hair similar to a baby.  FINE AS A FINE WINE.  I actually don't even know if that's true.  But this stuff is great for some texture, or texture hairspray, and it smells lovely.

4-Shein.  Stuff is cheap, because it's from China....just like most of the stuff you buy at the mall.  :P  The quality is the same as Forever 21, etc., and my packages arrive usually in 5-7 days.  You get rewards if you post reviews, so you can read a bajillion reviews before risking $12 on a swimsuit.  Usually for me they work out!  Sorry Albion Fit, I can't justify your $140 swimsuit that looks the same as a $10 one.  Some things are just best left for cheap!  (But not denim or shoes lol)

5-Dad Jokes Facebook group.  I seriously save so many jokes and have nothing to do with them other than bombard my family, so I will post a few more here.  Outside of the cesspool of negativity that Facebook has become these days, I find so much happiness thanks to my dad's jokes group.

Have a wonderful week!

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