Magical May

May!  The coldest May in 30 was FANTASTIC.  Even so, we had some pool time (thanks to heated water!), spent some fun days with my dad and Laura, Bentz finished his first year of preschool, he started swimming lessons and has been a little scared, I got my first nephew on my side (!!) and Memorial Day at the pool was only low 70s!!  Crazy talk.

May was great.  Little Dash is happy as can be and talks non-stop, and I wish we had gotten him ear tubes last year.  What a life changing surgery that was!

Bentz (1.75):
+Finished his first year of preschool and ended the year with a party!  Some of his friends graduated from preschool and he had to say goodbye, but many of them will join him for second year next year.  (School starts July 24th!  That is SO EARLY compared to me growing up and when school starts in Utah close to September!)

+Became obsessed with all things Halloween and started talking about trick or treating and having a Halloween party.  He found all our costumes and demanded we wear them, then we had a legit Halloween party.  We trick or treated for little pieces of paper with our initial on them, and his life was complete.

+Still could use a nap, but really only naps 25% of the time. 

+This is more or less for June summer school, but this week was about the solar system and he became obsessed with the planets.  I have helped cut out probably 20 circles that he can turn into planets.  He sings the order of the planets all day long and it is pretty cute.  "MERCURY BENUS EURPH MARS JUPITER SATURN URANUS AND NEPTUNE!"

+Started swimming lessons and so far we're 4 classes deep and we've had tears at all of them.  They are indoor, the water is 92 degrees, but he shivers and says he is so freezing.  I know he's just afraid of going under the water, but homeboy is 4, he needs to know how to swim!

+Went through a dog phase and carried his little dog everywhere, fed him, gave him water, etc.  His dog is named Ponny!  I have no idea where that came from, but I think it's cute.

+Is into writing letters and mailing them.  We've started a penpal relationship with my brother and Matt in Texas!

+Still loves his jammies and wants to wear them everyday. 

+Says his best friend is Liam and he talks about Liam all the time.  They were in preschool together, and in church class too.

Dash (1.75):
+I still cannot believe what a change the surgery was in this guy's life.  He actually sleeps through the night most nights!  He never did that before, EVER.  And when he used to wake up, I couldn't get him back to sleep!  Now if he wakes up, I can usually rock him right back to sleep.  Sweet boy probably had an ear ache 24/7!

+Obsessed with his #s and ABCs still.  Every evening I gather all the ABCs up in a container and the next day I ask him, "do you want to play with your ABCs?"  "ABCs!  ABCs!"  Then he organizes them and is so excited about each one.  It's adorable.

+Book obsessed as well.  He has destroyed a couple of hard paged books, some paper paged, but for the most part I try not to let him read some of my childhood books by himself because I don't want those ones ruined!  Because nostalgia!

+Loves yogurt, pancakes, baby food apple chicken.  I got him his first Happy Meal the other day and he threw the chicken nuggets on the floor, but then when he was looking away, I shoved one in his mouth.  He had an "aha!" moment and realized the crispy, salty, chicken nugget was good, and he stuff the entire next one in his mouth.  :P  TOLD YA SO!

+Wakes up and as soon as he sees Ben's face, Dash will climb out of bed, "tahtates! tahtates!"  He wants him some PANCAKES.

+Only weighs 5# less than Bentz.

+Has become a dinosaur lover!  He calls them all "T-REX!"  It's pretty adorable.  He will line them up along the fireplace too.

+Wears 2T waisted stuff, and 2T shirts, or bigger.  He has a long torso and then eats so much he gets a big ole belly that sticks out.  So some of his shirts are big on his shoulders in order to keep them from not being belly shirts.  :P

+Is adorable.  How come nobody told me how cute my kids would be?  They are the cutest and we LOVE THEM!!

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