Migraines & Dad Jokes OH MY

I have so much work and stuff on my plate that my body is starting to fail me and I am sitting here with sunglasses on, staring at my dimmed night mode computer screens, in a dark house, while trying to knock out some work and also avoid a migraine.  :P  I haven't had migraines in nearly 8-10 YEARS 'til last week.

Work is too busy, and I have busy boys that I want to play with too!  TOO MUCH.  Honestly I feel like I am not doing that bad stress wise, but apparently my body disagrees.  We are not seeing eye to eye here.

My left arm is tingling which is the first sign of the impending doom, but sometimes I can take precautions and stop it from progressing.  So far so good.  Next would be my vision, the point of no return, which gets blurry like I just stared at the sun, and is immediately followed up by the dreaded headache.  Back in the day my whole body would go numb and tingly, once I had an MRI to make sure it wasn't a stroke or something.  Migraines are sooo WHACK and I'm sorry for you who have them consistently.

And the problem with Imitrex?  I can't workout for like two days after cuz it messes with my blood pressure.  lol  Running is my sanity!!!

So if this isn't the most random post of the day, here's a pick-me-up collection of DAD JOKES to make it that:

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