Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day!  I am so lucky and blessed to be the mama to these two little boys!!  They, and their dad, made my Mother's Day weekend wonderful!!!  I don't understand how I got to be so lucky.

This is a picture of us spinning at the park.  We were screaming and the boys were having the time of their life!  It was so much fun and now they always want to spin when we go to the park.
Look at those big brown eyes!
 This little guy is a fish!  He loves the water.
 Ben always comes up with creative ideas each year.  This year I got mini cupcakes that were SO GOOD.  I contemplate buying more whenever I see pictures of them.  :P
I mean, just look at these little things.  So much personality in each one.
"Mom, look how past (fast) I am!"
 Ben slaved away and made me some SHOE SHELVES!  This is before they were painted.  More coming soon.
And definitely not least, I have the BEST MOM IN THE WORLD, that I can't post a Mother's Day post (even a month later) without mentioning that. <3

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