I love the beach.

I love the beach.  Life is better when you're there.  I could literally just sit on it and be content for the rest of my life (well, as long as my family sat there with me).  

Alas, beach pictures from Newport Beach!

Medieval Times

We went to Medieval Times in California a week ago!  I had no idea which way it would go with Bentz.  Would he love it?  Would he be terrified?  And we brought little Dash too, I figured it would be close enough to bedtime that maybe he'd be chill (if I turned on YouTube ;).

Segwaying Through Newport Beach

We rode Segways in Newport Beach!  It was a lot of fun!!!!!!  !!!!!!  Last year we did this too, but I babysat so I didn't do it, and I didn't realize how much fun was in store this time around.  My dad and Laura volunteered to babysit, they would rather spend time with the grandkids than go venture out.  It is so nice having wonderful grandparents for our kids (this time including 1 month old baby Kyler!).