I love the beach.

I love the beach.  Life is better when you're there.  I could literally just sit on it and be content for the rest of my life (well, as long as my family sat there with me).  

Alas, beach pictures from Newport Beach!

Baby K at one month old.  We were seriously dying at the cuteness overload.
We had a photo shoot for Laughlete.  More to come!
I love the picture below, it's candid!!  All my pictures with the kids are selfies!!!
Grandpa may or may not have bought a bag of BIG seashells that we buried for discovery.
I just love this picture below.  lol
For a guy who is skeptical of water and having dirty hands, Bentz sure LOVES the beach and digging in the sand.
Great memories!!  Can't wait for the next time!

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