Medieval Times

We went to Medieval Times in California a week ago!  I had no idea which way it would go with Bentz.  Would he love it?  Would he be terrified?  And we brought little Dash too, I figured it would be close enough to bedtime that maybe he'd be chill (if I turned on YouTube ;).

The little guy carried his gorilla card with him all day, all night, and never once dropped it.
Grandpa bought Bentz a light up sword!  He was soooo excited.  But then he wouldn't turn it on, so I asked him why.  "If I turn it on, someone might see it and steal it."  hahaha  He's so me.
Bentz was concerned during some of the battles, and the final battle he even started to cry a little bit.  I don't think it was over fear of one of them getting hurt, it was over the possibility of our red knight LOSING.  hahaha  We were lucky, our guy WON!  Thank goodness, because there would be some major disappointment afterwards had we not.
Dash used to eat a rubber snake all the time, that Bentz started to do it too.  I found him asleep with it in his mouth.  ha  Vacation is exhausting!!
Fast forward a week and Bentz is still reenacting the final fight scene between THE RED KNIGHT! (us) and the blue knight (lahooo ooo oooooser).  Ben even helped him build a shield.  ;)  THE CUTEST.

There is a Medieval Times opening here in month.  Maybe we will have to partake of another visit.

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