Segwaying Through Newport Beach

We rode Segways in Newport Beach!  It was a lot of fun!!!!!!  !!!!!!  Last year we did this too, but I babysat so I didn't do it, and I didn't realize how much fun was in store this time around.  My dad and Laura volunteered to babysit, they would rather spend time with the grandkids than go venture out.  It is so nice having wonderful grandparents for our kids (this time including 1 month old baby Kyler!).
Learning how to ride them first.
Down the boardwalk we went.  We had a cool tour guide, Mike, who was pretty chill and let us go out on the pier and such.
We rode all around the bajillion dollar homes in Newport Beach.  Some of them are SUPER nice, and some of them are owned by famous people.
Below is the porch/entry area of the house belonging to the Chipotle founders.  Ben and I are Chipotle lovers, we used to eat there all the time.
Ruby's Diner in the background below, which we ate at the next day and failed to photograph.
 On the peninsula!
 This house below was sweet.  Look at that giant granite panel.
We tried to do a Segway tour in Chicago last fall, but they canceled on us an hour beforehand.  And I guess Segways are illegal in NYC so a Segway tour is out when we head back east this fall.

But this day???  EPIC FUN.  

I want a Segway!

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