11 Weeks to NYC Marathon!

As I sit here and eat my "snack" of brown rice, with Home Alone on the TV so that I can pretend it's not 113 outside, I am thinking about 11 weeks down the road...and NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!!!!

It's going to be so much fun.  Seriously a trip of a lifetime.  I haven't been in 13 years, Ben hasn't been EVER!

The marathon
The Expo
9/11 Museum/Memorial
One World Trade Center
Seeing Hamilton
Seeing Jersey Boys
Maybe going on some tours (NBC? Statue of Liberty???)

Oh my gosh, I haven't been this excited for vacation in possibly years.

So with 11 weeks to go, we still have a lot of training ahead of us, but one great thing is we're already running 45 mile weeks and for the first time we're running six days a week.  I am actually quite a fan of six days a week!

Marathon goals lie somewhere between running easy and racing hard.  Which I do hope will still yield a PR, because now a days my zone 2 effort running is faster than my marathon PR pace (which was a flat 9:00 for 3:56).  Speaking of flat, New York City Marathon is not.  It's actually quite hilly, but at least it won't be 113 degrees.

We've discovered that I am under eating for my high mileage running.  Like, by a lot.  After bonking hard in my last half along with bonking at mile 11 of my goal marathon in April, my coach has been really wanting me to track my food.  I figured by swapping out my regular salads for carbs was enough, but oh my I am so wrong.  I finally gave in and it has been eye opening.  It has also been SO MUCH WORK to eat the food my body needs.  I don't know how people do this all the time, but I'm trying to make it my new norm because I would like better performance.  I am actually quite jazzed about the fact that this may really help my running.  

Running with the sunrise...
Let me add that I don't weigh myself and I'm genetically wired to not be a foodie.  I would take a food pill if it would allow me the freedom to not eat meals during the busy work days.  lol  BUT I do like me all the sugary snacks.  Give me the candy!

I've already started thinking about our shirts.

80 days to go!

Now if it would just cool down even just a hair, that would be amazing!

Soon.  So soon.

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