5k PR on the Beach

Something weird is going on.  I swore I recapped the 5k from June, but I couldn't find the blog post anywhere.  So I searched my emails (I am signed up for emails from my own blog LOL), and I found the recap.  However, it's GONE from my blog!?  How?? 

A reason I subscribe to my own blog is because I like an extra back-up of the posts.  This time it is going to save me, because I'm going to literally copy and paste it below.  And repost.

So originally posted on June 30th:

Well we just got home from vacation and I'm sad as.  The days that follow a fun, family vacation, are days that ...blow.  :P  It's nice to get back to routine and life, but vacation is so nice and it always goes so fast.  Hopefully the withdrawals do not last too long!

This was our second year where we ran a 5k on the beach path in Long Beach on our last day of vacation.  Last year we dressed up, this year we intended too, but we ran out of time to go to Goodwill!

I wanted to PR this one, aka beat 23:20.  I have never legit raced a 5k because I only just recently learned how to really RACE a half marathon, so even though I've run a bajillion 5ks, I've never run them at hurt-fast race pace before!
I wanted to go out at a 7:10 mile and drop down from there to average close to a 7:00-7:05 average pace (21:xx).  I failed at that.  It's hot in Phoenix right now and our off season, so I haven't run 7:xx paces in awhile, so I had no idea how my effort was translating, and I was running closer to a 6:30 pace for the first half mile.  I pulled way back when I really realized my Garmin #s weren't slowing and I was actually running that pace, but for the first time in my life (really) I went out tooooo fast.  
But one of my goals was to not go out too slow, so I'm not terribly upset that I just went for it!  So yay.
However, I just died.  The half mark was a turn around and we turned right back into the lovely sun, so it was hot and I was barely keeping it together.  Actually, I didn't keep it together.  But I kept moving at least.  lol
I passed my sister (cheering on the sidelines) in the final 200 meters or so, and she mentioned there was a girl behind me.  I had seen her out on the out and back part, and was concerned because she was too close.  lol  She ran a much smarter race and slowly crept up on me, and at the end I could actually hear her behind me.  I don't know how, but I found a little bit of a surge for the final .1 miles, and she luckily couldn't match it.  I was afraid she was saving a little for the end to fly past me.  Phew.
7:00, 7:12, 7:23, +change

But my biggest goal this day was to WIN!  And I did!!!  There were only like 50 women, 100 racers total, but still, 1st place was my goal and I was happy to do that since last year I got 2nd.

And I PRd!  Holla!!

Ben hasn't been running any fast miles since spring either, but he managed to pull off 3rd overall, with a19:51 @ 6:23 pace.  He is seriously a talented and smart runner.  He ran all negative splits.  (What I was trying to do.  Bahahaha)
A part of us wants to run some 5ks this winter and see what we can do. 

My brothers and my dad also ran, and they were nice enough to stop during their races and take videos and pictures!  They are always the best supporters. 
 My dad is a happy runner!
We missed Matt who had to fly back home for work (newer job), but he was there earlier in the week.
In the words of Dallin, "I literally have not run since our last race."  lol 
My sister just had a baby a month ago so they came to spectate, and my mom came to watch our boys.  She's been in town this month to help my sister adjust to motherhood.  It was all just perfect timing.
Man, 5ks hurt!  Thank goodness they are SHORT.  Short-ish.  Long, really.  Very long.  Longest 22 minutes.

And now this week we're starting to ramp back up to focus on longer distances again (my fav).  Specifically for NEW YORK CITY MARATHON!  Our 9th wedding anniversary trip!

That ones is going to be bomb.

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