Currently V.8.2019

Wearing:  Zella leggings & my Chicago Marathon shirt (it's pretty much all or nothing with me haha)

Eating:  chicken rice bowl and some tasty flavored water that I drink basically 24/7 out of a cute tumbler with a straw

Feeling:  I am tired today, but happy

Weather:  8675309 degrees, and sun

Wanting:  some weather that isn't so hot, or a monsoon

Needing:  a full time maid

Thinking:  I love when the boys are happy and play well together

Saving for:  a rainy day, and to pay for the boys' everything

Learning:  I just got a new piano book yesterday and am learning some of Yiruma's pieces.  I am starting to play the piano more these days, which is great.

Enjoying:  running more mileage

Reading:  Black Ice by Michael Connelly

Planning for:  NYC Marathon trip in 10 weeks!!  And a birthday party for the boys because they keep growing up even though I tell them to stop.

Watching:  Web of Lies on Investigation Discovery

Loving:  that work has slowed down a little bit, although it supposedly will change tomorrow

Listening:  I used to only listen to my running playlist while running, but that changed when I was out for my last injury this spring.  And I haven't turned back.  So I have been listening to a lot of dance type music:  Knife Party, Jim Yosef, Mike Emilio, Marshmello, TheFatRat, Cesqeaux, Itro, etc.

Anticipating:  NYC Marathon, my first marathon (excluding my DNF) since I have started running faster

Thankful for:  my little family, running to give me a little solo time when needed


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