July, July, the apple of my eye.

July really isn't the apple of my eye.  :P  

We wrapped up our summer (school started July 24th!) with some hot weather, and a nice 10 day trip to Utah!  We did a lot up in Utah:  enjoyed the weather and greenery, I went to work in the office one day since it's in SLC, we went to Lagoon, I ran a half marathon with my dad, we watched fireworks for Pioneer Day, we said goodbye to my childhood home and hello to my dad and Laura's new house, and we had a [long] family reunion in Logan, where I probably logged 10 miles chasing Dash!  

Bentz missed his first couple of days of school, but started about 10 hours after we arrived back to Phoenix from Utah.  And it was also Ben's 41st birthday that day too!!!  It was definitely a jam packed month and I'm still recovering.  :)

Bentz (4.91666):
-Is turning into a full blown kid.  I don't know how I feel about it.  It's super cute, but I just gave birth to him and want more time with him.

-Still super into dinosaurs and we'll be having a 3rd dinosaur themed birthday party here in a few weeks.  He's also really into PJ Masks!

-He's getting tall, but he's still a toothpick!

-Officially doesn't nap.  He still could use one, but now he has school 3x a week, so I haven't pushed it.

-Started second year pre-k.  I have to start thinking about Kindergarten!  That is just insane.

-Still the healthiest eater on the planet.  Currently on a pickle kick, to go along with his tomatoes, carrots, and cold peas.

-Still doesn't like swimming lessons and says that Saturday (his swimming lesson day) is "the baddest day ebber."  It's pretty cute, but I really thought he'd be over his fear of going under water by now!  We're like 8 classes in, so............

-Had ZERO fear at Lagoon though.  Wanted to ride every ride!  Loved the roller coasters and said it was "the best day ebber!"

-Has actually started saying his F sounds, which is great!  But sad because I liked it better when he said he was pour years old and was turning pibe soon.  No more PIBE.  :*(

Dash (1.91666):
-Is growing his 2 year old molars and it's been a sad couple of days of lots of tv, Tylenol, and pulling on me while working.  Poor guy!

-Can do basically everything now.  Helps himself to the pantry, I now have to lock the fridge at all times, can even climb in the tub and likes to fill a bin with water and splash and play in his clothes.  :P

-Pulled the stair gate down and decided he can go upstairs and play unattended.  I can't QUITE let him alone up there because there are small Legos and he eats everything in the world, so I'll have Bentz keep an eye on him, and I'll put the baby monitor up there and watch from my desk.  "Bentley what did he put in his mouth!???  Will you check for me????  He put something in it."  (Bentz is a great helper.)  "It's a Lego tire."  Always a Lego tire.

-Still doesn't try food, but rocks at what he DOES eat (pureed apple-chicken, crackers, pancakes, pizza, yogurt, etc.).  I will literally pin him down and shove something in his mouth and he'll spit it out immediately, then be like....oh! I liked that.  And then he'll come back for more.  That is how pizza entered his life.  And Cafe Rio quesadillas.

-Knows his ABCs in upper and lower case and in any order, knows what things start with, the sounds, can count to 30, knows his shapes (even pentagon, octagon, hexagon) and all his colors too!  I have started putting on Phonics videos for him.  Swear he'll be reading in a week.  ;)

-Loves to sit in the window sill.  Or lie down in it.

-Seems to understand the danger of falling over the backside of the couch now, so I haven't had to worry about that which has been glorious.

-Has turned the corner where I don't have to worry about him non-stop (as long as I remove all the choking hazard toys...which I've put upstairs).

-Takes one nap a day.  Sleeps pretty decently for the most part.  Wakes up 1-2 times a night.

-Wears 2T and some 3T stuff.  His belly is 3T, his shoulders are 2T and his height is 2T.

-Sings songs now (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, B-I-N-G-O, etc.).  It's pretty cute!

These boys sure are cute!!!!  And we love love looooove them!!!!

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