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It has been a minute since I've done a post on all things life.  So here are a bunch of lately pictures!  

Bentz started second year preschool and has been rocking it this year.  Last year drop-off was always filled with tears, while this year I have to kiss him goodbye at the car because he takes off running once we are half way to the door! 

I always thought the teary eyed drop offs were hard, but man, I miss the teary eyed drop offs!  lol

We finished out the summer of swimming lessons!  Technically they are ongoing, and we are no where near finished, and it has taken a lot longer to learn to swim than I expected, but we're going to take a winter break.  Maybe try soccer?

Saturdays went from "the best day ebber," to the "worstest day ebber," due to fear of swimming lessons.  In reality it was the fear of going under water.  And it was unfounded because the teacher said she wouldn't make him go under if he didn't want to, but he was so used to psyching himself out before class, that it became a habit to do so.  Cry, be so upset for the morning, then minutes into class realizing that it's actually...kind of... FUN.
The last swimming lesson he mastered going under water!!!  That was exciting and I was proud and so was he!
We have had some fun swimming at grandpa and grandma's house, and the water is nice and warm (hello August).
Dash proves to be the bustiest boy on the planet.  HE NEVER STOPS.  He is into organizing everything under the sun these days too.
Bentz and his ninja socks.
We watched a load of shark attack tv shows during shark week.  Well Bentz had enough money in his piggy bank to buy some little shark figurines.
Ben turned 14!  And celebrated by buzzing his head!  Bentz begged to buzz his too, but I guess I'm mean.  I said no.  We just barely got back to mohawk hair length in time for school to have started!
We started music school and both boys are super into it.  Which I love!  Last semester Dash was too young to be interested and I spent the class time chasing him, so it's been nice to have him enjoy it.
I ran my first "track meet"-ish.  It was the East Valley Mile, a new one mile race series on a track!  I won an entry into it on Instagram, and I'm glad I did because I don't think I would have signed up because it was 45 minutes away and it's super hot right now.  Well I had a lot of fun and I'll be doing the next ones!
Below you can see the boys in their stroller yelling for me!  I love this picture.
I have run a timed mile once, last November in the cool weather (6:39), so I had no idea what I could or would run in the heat.  I hit 1 mile on my Garmin at 6:20, and ran an official time of 6:27 for 1.02 miles, and 9th overall woman!!  It was pretty fun!!
We've had a HOT August, it's been pretty awful to run in.  We're on consecutive week three of 110+ temperatures, and we haven't had any monsoons.  It's crazy.  The dew point has gone up recently so we've had a few clouds (sunsets) and I hope that means we'll get some storms soon.
When it's 110+ I have to find a way to run in the mornings.  Ben runs in the mornings, so I wake up early too and just jump on the treadmill, then when he gets back home from his run I will dart outside and finish up a few miles while he gets ready for work.  So far it works.

The hardest part is my kids want to wake up early too which can make my running a little bit of a trainwreck.  lol

For instance:
Mile 1:  Dash wakes up crying which is kind of normal when he's teething.  So I set him up with food and TV.
Mile 2:  Bentz's Mylar balloon floats over and gets tangled in the fan right in front of my what felt like slow motion...but I'm upstairs on the treadmill freaking out it's going to hurt the fan's motor, but luckily it just went around and around and around and around.  
Mile 4:  Bentz wakes up crying (I think he saw his balloon LOL)
Ben made a huge amount of ham fried rice this weekend.  We're trying to eat more carbs and what better than this?  So Bentz declared it a FOOD PARTY.
Mom!  I drew a picture of you!
On the same day this summer, Dash mastered the pantry door, the fridge, and figured out that he could just charge through the baby gate.  If he didn't eat all the little Legos, I would let him freely roam upstairs.  But he eats it all. 
I think that's pretty much it for lately!

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