Running a little 13.1 in SLC with my papa!

Hellllllllllo.  It's been a minute! 

Things I would like to blog post about:

  • June recap
  • July recap
  • Trip to Utah
  • School started!
  • More Newport Beach (Fun Zone, game day, etc.)
  • 4th of July
  • Running (because obviously!)
  • Etc. 
  • 24th of July Deseret News 1/2 (Utah's Pioneer Day)

First I will start with a little 13.1 I ran in SLC with my dad!  I was up in Utah for a Buhr family reunion, and figured might as well run a 24th of July race while I'm there in their beautiful weather!  The weather was really hot for everyone, mostly, but I thought it was gorgeous.  95 degrees in SLC is similar to 85 in Phoenix.  Phoenix doesn't have the trees and shade, we just have a lot of dirt and concrete that radiate heat, so when it's hot's HOT.  So running in Utah's summer temperatures was pleasant.  :)  Even with the altitude, it was just easier than our summer running by a landslide.  

The 24th of July (Pioneer Day) was a Wednesday and Ben hadn't flown in yet (he stayed behind to work a couple more days), so I mentioned it to my dad and he was game to run a half!  He's just getting over a foot surgery and making his comeback!  (He had an extra bone in his foot that his posterior tibialis was connected to, and it was causing pain.  So they removed the extra bone and re-anchored the tendon, so that part has taken some rehabbing.)
Anywho!  We met up at the University of Utah on race morning which was really fun, then we had even more fun at the start line being semi-cold-ish, and were off! 
I had no plan, no goal, I just was going to run!  It was fun.  Especially because I couldn't hold an 8:00 pace in Phoenix for three miles without walking, so hitting those paces made me realize maybe my fitness hasn't completely disappeared.  :)

9:56 lol
8:49 for .1
1:46:46 for 13.18 @8:06
I completely fell apart at the end.  I bonked big time, but I also had to use the potty twice (I'll let you guess which miles bahaha).  But really, my pit stops were fast, I just fell apart.  There were two miles with incline and I pushed way too hard and I think that's what took my energy, and topped off the pending destruction of my gut.  

I literally crossed the finish line and kept right on going to find the bathrooms (wtf are they so far away!?).  I have never ever had tummy issues in a half before, so who knows.  

I supposed I could credit the two Icees, giant snowcone, pretzel, and popcorn I had while walking around Lagoon Theme Park all day the day before.  hahaha

But it was super fun, and am so glad my dad was able to join me and make his comeback to the half!!  He's the original Hales runner, where we got it from.  His goal was to run a 2:10, and he crossed the finish line at 2:04!!  I was actually in the bathroom when he finished, then I ran back and sat there at the finish line with my camera all ready, before starting to get concerned.  But he had rocked it and already finished!
And the Deseret News Half was a great race!  It was 80 degrees when I finished, but there was cloud cover that made it nice, and the organization was great.  The best part of the course is we finished along the parade route, so the last couple of miles have a lot of families and crowds there cheering you on!  It made it feel like a bigger race!  I would definitely recommend it!!

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