Utah - Part Cuatro (The rest of the trip!)

I am not sure why I started these posts in Spanish.  lol  But I had to finish what I started, soooo...

Part cuatro.

The rest of Utah!  My grandma drove all the way to my mom's house to see us, which I was so grateful for!  I used to do a lot with my extended family as if they were my immediate family.  Heck, I used to WORK with my grandma, and before that she LIVED with us, so it's sad I never even see her anymore!!!

I am always dead as ever after a race, so I was the rest of this day after my half.  I think racing is exhausting.  But so is waking up at like 2 in the morning.  It always takes a few days to feel back to normal!
Ben flew up on Wednesday (24th of July) and we got to watch fireworks that night.  They were all over the place.  We just sat on my mom's grass and watched them all around.
My dad and Laura bought a new house and sold our childhood home.  This house has soooo many memories!  I wish I had more pictures of childhood times, but it was before the crazy picture /social media life.  My parents built it in 1998 and it was in the Parade of Homes!  It was the party house all throughout our school years.  Some of the stories and parties in that house were just insane.  hahaha  

One night I had a bunch of people over to hang out.  I was literally the only person home in the house that weekend.  Well everyone went home late that night, and I went to my room upstairs (top right of the front door).  When I was younger I exchanged my doorknob with the one on the office downstairs, so that I could lock my door at night.  I've always been safety sally, and I watch too much crime TV, so sleeping with an unlocked door gave me heebie geebies.  So anyways, I locked my door and went to bed!  (Back then it wasn't so creepy a thought as it would be now to be all alone in that house.)  

Well like a half hour later I heard something.  I was like....wtf was that!?  I'm sure I was watching Forensic Files.  

Then the intercom in my room went off with someone creepily whispering.  Had it been 2019 I probably would have shot them bahaha but back then I investigated and heard laughing and people running downstairs.

My friends had left a door unlocked after I had made the rounds locking everything, and then they came back.
Another time I was alone, I was watching tv in the family room (probably Forensic Files again) and even though that room was two stories up, suddenly a hand smacked the window (think Titanic).  My friends had climbed the two stories of balconies because they are crazy, and then scared me yet again.

My friends thought scaring me was funny.

I lived solely in that house with my dad for so many years after my parents divorce.  Oh the memories!!  I will miss it, but it's simply not the same home anymore. 

I miss the rumbling ceiling from James's music (WHEEZER).  

I miss the music blasting from the study below my room.  

I miss waking up and looking out my window since my bed was flush with it.  

I miss playing that one song on the piano and hearing my little four legged friend come scurrying as fast as he can, to sing under the piano.

I miss my dad singing while he plays the piano.

I miss sitting on the balcony, reading a book, while gazing out at the views and hearing the creek below.

I miss putting HO on my window at Christmas time, in lights.  With full intentions of putting HO on the window below mine, but sometimes failing to do so.

I miss sitting on the driveway all night long with friends, so that I was still home by my curfew.

I miss having a house chock full of friends, constantly.

I miss cheerleading practice in the racquetball court.

I miss cheerleading parties that ran literally all night long.

I miss making SO MUCH NOISE through the night, and having neither parent ever complain because they loved having us hanging out there instead of us going elsewhere. 

I miss leaving The Office on the TV all the time, and my dad trying hard not to bust up at how "obnoxious" Michael Scott is.  

I miss my dad getting on the intercom, "Christy, do you want a plate of veggies?"

I miss my dad walking past and pausing next to me playing the piano, while saying, "I'll miss these days when they are gone."

I miss playing the piano clear into the early morning hours, and my dad telling me to play as long as I want to, as he went to bed.

I miss my dog barking non-stop in the early morning hours because he jumped on the counter and was afraid to get back down.

So many memories in that house.  And this post just got all sentimental.  hahaha  But for reals.  Best childhood, best childhood house, best parents.  I hope one day my kids will say the same thing!!
Grandma and grandpa's new house has a fun trampoline and swing set though.  It also is on a street straight out of the movies.  
The rest of the weekend we spent up in Logan for the Buhr family reunion.  I also ran with my cousin up there, and saw my family that live up there too.
Little Dash is so very busy, so I spent most of the reunion just chasing him.  It was exhausting, but I know Ben had a good time with his family.  And Bentz had the time of his life with so many kids.
This was legit like half a mile from the reunion.  lol  We ventured near and far, far and near.  But the whether was gorgous.
I am still wearing a bracelet that Bentz made for me.  :)
Ben's sister did some face painting, and Bentz chose a triceratops!
Worn out!

Then we traveled two hours Saturday evening to my mom's house, to keep the following day's drive as short as possible.  And the journey home was pretty easy!  The boys were great.

Can't wait for next year!

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