Utah - Part Dos

I work remotely, but my office is in SLC, so whenever I get up there I like to go in to the office, and my boss usually takes me out to lunch!  He's pretty much the best boss on the planet, and I am lucky that things have worked out so well!  I've been with my company for 13 years, and eight of them have been remotely.  

I am the only one who works remotely from the office, and I am also the only department that hasn't grown (hence my workload has increased a bunch).  I don't really want to grow my department because I work on a project basis, so if the economy goes through a recession soon, I would still have to share my projects/workload.  So for now I just bust out the work!

I always fail to take pictures of my work and co-workers, plainly because I forget to!  My office is unrecognizable from the days I worked in there.  In fact, we have been built around like crazy, I almost missed the building when I stopped by six months ago.  Our building has had some face lifts, and we've outgrown it and most likely will be moving soon.  I kind of am sad I don't get to work in there still, and have a fun office or something.  :)  My old window used to look out over a field, and now there's a tall building like three feet from it and no view at all.  Crazy how time changes things.
Anywho, that was a giant tangent.  I spent the day in SLC but the evening was spent at this really awesome splash pad!  It was huge, it was awesome, it was free, and it is in a state with three months of summer when you don't find places like it here in summer land Phoenix for some craaaaazy reason!  It was sweet, I am glad my mom took us to it.  The boys were in heaven.
It was also half park, with really cool park toys.  The kind you don't expect to see in 2019!
Some pictures were edited for social media, but I am just posting everything here at this point.
What a fun park and splash pad!

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