Utah - Part Tres (Lagoon, It's What Fun Is!)

I've been wanting to take the boys to Lagoon!  I had a season pass here for like 20 years, so obviously they needed to experience its goodness.  And after being away for awhile, it was definitely goodness!  

The trees are all mature and shading the rides, there are more thriller rides, and Lagoon has stepped it up a little bit.  In the kiddie land area, some of the rides had background music which kind of reminded me of Disneyland.  It was super fun!

Since Dash isn't yet two, I didn't buy him a park pass but rather just bought some individual kiddie land ride tickets (like $10 worth).  I think that was a wise choice because he was so content watching and looking around for the most part, and a park pass was $45 after a $10 discount.  One ride he almost fell asleep on.  lol
Bentley though?  In pure HEAVEN.  Best day of his life!  And my mom was awesome for riding so many rides with him!
No trip to Lagoon is complete without riding in the little whales!  I need to find a picture of me in them.
Bentz is 43" so he was able to ride the 42" rides.  The next big jump will be 48", then he'll get to ride the real thrillers!  He had no fear at all, he just wanted to ride everything.
Bentley rode the umbrella ride with me!  Back in the day they wouldn't allow you to ride this ride with open toed shoes.  Well now not only can you ride it with open toed shoes, but they let you take them all the way off!  (Whenever I see this ride, I have vivid memories of watching a dad ride it maybe 25+ years ago, then getting off and immediately puking all over the place.  lol  It does toss your stomach around a bit, but it's fun!)
This ride below is the one where we thought Dash was going to fall asleep.  He was in the zone and it was so hilarious watching him get lower, and lower.  I suppose that means he liked it.  lol
I am thinking this picture below is my favorite from the day.  hahaha SO cute.
Since it was upper 90s outside, the park was empty!  We literally walked on to anything we wanted.  My mom and I rode single on a few of the thriller rides, like the Colossus which I rode below and literally walked on to, and the Spider.  It was awesome.
I got to ride on the new ride, the Cannibal!  The ride was pretty nuts though.  Going upside down and not having any sort of chest harness was like WOAH.  I may possibly die.
It was certainly a jam packed day and we had so much fun!  I am so happy my mom was able to come with us.  Now we need to do it again next year!  Who wants to join????  Utah trip with a race and Lagoon???????  Nice summer weather??????

You know you wanna join.

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