Utah - Part Uno

We went up to Utah for about 10 days!  After some chatting, Ben and I thought that we should do a yearly trip to Utah when the weather is nice there, and I can see friends/family and take the boys to do some of the things I always did growing up (Lagoon, parks, etc.).  It sounded like a good tradition to start ASAP, and a family Buhr reunion was the ultimate date deciding factor for this trip.  (We would have stayed longer and saw more people, but school starts pretty early down here in Phoenix.)

It's just over nine hours to drive to my mom's house, so it's not the shortest drive, but it could be worse.  This year we timed it to meet my mom and Jeff in Page, at the end of their Lake Powell trip, and then caravan the rest of the way.  It's close to half way, and it worked wonderfully!  The boys did awesome on the drive.
This is funny though.  We had Bentz all set up with his tablet, then poor Dash got an old cell phone duct taped to the seat.  hahahahaha  I just downloaded a bunch of his favorite YouTube and Netflix shows that could be watched without any wi-fi.  At this age they don't care if they can't see some of the screen.  :P
We stopped at McDonald's in Page, and it was soooooo crowded.  It was kind of awful.  There wasn't a single table available after we ordered, not ONE, and I legit lifted Bentz up on a bar stool, and then pulled Dash in a high chair up to us, and leaned down to feed him.  I was kind of surprised nobody in the place offered us part of their table or anything.  But then again, my shirt did say I'M A MOM I TOTALLY GOT THIS.  And I did.  ;)
There's a pretty nice green grassy park in Panguitch that proves to be a good 10-15 minute pit stop.  If we break the trip up, they are really good during the rest of it.  We stopped here again on the way home.
First things first in Utah.  Enjoy the weather!  Turns out little Dash loves hanging out in the grass.  We spent time just sitting in the shade of big trees, eating beef jerky, and looking at the mountains.  We also went to this fun "Discovery Park" that was free and pretty awesome!  It was pushing 100 degrees and it even had some spots with misters for the hotter summer days, which was so convenient.
Beat to a pulp, we had to stop and get ice cream before going to bed!
The sun stays up until nearly 9:30pm this time of year, so even after a full jam-packed day of activities, I was still able to squeeze in some miles on the path they have that goes on for miles and miles.  It reminded me of the boardwalk when I passed lots of families on bikes, even two couples roller blading while holding a full blown stereo.  Looked like a fun date night.
The boys loved to feed Mystery, the pony!  He was adopted from the Amish, so he loves to pull carts.  :)  He loves to eat apples and grass.  Dash loved to poke him in the eyes while saying EYES.  (Don't worry, I stopped that right away.  lol)
Utah summers are pretty amazing.  Can't believe I had like 23 of them and didn't realize how amazing they were at the times.  
Bentz is still on a party kick (Halloween party, dinner party, Christmas party, etc.).  This was a dinner party that he put together 100% by himself.  He picked out the plates at the grocery store here in Phoenix, lugged them all the way to Utah, then set it up and was like "DINNER PARTY IS READY!!"
Beat to a pulp yet again.
First couple of days were a total success!

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