5+ weeks to NYC Marathon!

5+ weeks until NYC!  Which means just barely over a month!  Sooooo excited.  Dominated thoughts.  Buying all the NYC colored things (blue+orange, really), and NYC marathon gear.  

Last year we didn't buy anything at the Chicago Expo, the lines were like 1:30-2:00 long just to check out, and that was first thing in the morning!  This year we're not making that mistake and we both ordered some stuff ahead of time, JIC.

I am pretty jazzed.  I didn't get the "iconic" jacket, but Ben did.  They technically aren't "finisher's gear," so does that mean we have to wait until after the race to wear them???

NYC Marathon NB HEAT LOFT Jacket
Style #:
Size: XS
Team Red
NYC Marathon Essentials PO Hoodie
Style #:
Size: XS
Team Red

August Activities

August was a hot month!  We celebrated September birthdays with my dad/Laura, buzzed Ben's head, started music school, and started to ramp up mileage for NYC Marathon!  It was a good month, but I have lots of memories of it being hot.  So hot!  The boys are happy it's starting to cool down so we can go spend time outside.  We really didn't get any monsoons like we usually do, so it just felt like it was 110 degrees and sunshine.

But luckily it's cooler now.  Wahoo!

So a bullet list first:

B3 (4.95):
+As I write this, he is PIBE years old.  Actually he is five.  And he says FIVE like a big boy!  (Rest in peace PIBE.  You were my favorite.)

+Loves school so much.  His teacher even had a spot open for Tu & Thurs classes and Bentley wanted to go to school everyday, but I can't.  I just can't!  Next year he will be in school everyday all day (Kindergarten is ALL day here), and he will never be home with me again!  So we do MWF all day and he just loves it!

+His favorite food is tomatoes and hotdogs.  He went through a carrot phase, but it has passed.  He also LOVES Otter Pops, but I think we're cutting down on those after his latest dentist appointment.

+Went to his second dentist appointment, and he has to have two cavities filled.  :(  He doesn't eat junk food (I DO!!!!), so I am worried he has bad teeth, which the dentist thinks could be the case.  He has little tiny crevices in his molars that I don't think we'll be able to brush well, and he will have those molars until he's 12ish, so we'll just deal with it.  But less Otter Pops.  :)  

+Bentz rocked his dentist appointment, althought he was afraid of going at first.  He liked it by the end and I haven't told him he'll have cavities filled in two weeks.  I'll tell him the night beforehand.  But oh he will get the gas, and the pediatric dentist is really awesome and sweet.  So I am grateful for that.  In fact, I'd really like to go to her myself.  My dentist totally blows.  :P

+Stopped swimming lessons and we'll pick up in the spring where we left off.  He finally started going under water, that was huge.  He loves to swim with a floaty though.  I have plans to get him into soccer although I really need to do that asap.

+Starting to get really brave and likes to go upstairs by himself to play!  Sometimes plays upstairs by the balcony where he can still see me downstairs on my computer.  :)

Dash:  (1.95):
+We had to buy a pantry lock and man has that been life changing!  Little Dash gets into everything, he is so busy.  If I spend 10 minutes getting ready, he will have emptied all the cabinets (that are actually tied shut, but he can fit just a hand in, and he'll remove everything one by one). 

+He is SO BUSY.  That doesn't even describe him completely.  HE IS JUST SO BUSY.  You should see him at church, it's just hilarious.  And exhausting.  He is way more busy than his older brother was.  I worry we may actually get the terrible twos with this guy.  lol

+Growing his two year old molars and has been a little grumpy while they cut, but I think we're about over it -- hoorah!  We haven't teethed in a little bit, and I forgot how hard it can be for them.  I could tell he was pretty miserable.

+I think he weighs close to the same as Bentley, but we'll find out next week at their appointment.

+I have started PHONICS with him, since he knows his ABCs, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, months, vowels, etc.  So we've been working on sight words!  He won't start preschool for two more years!!  Which is a long time (they are working on sight words in preschool). 

+Still eats all the things.  All the small, choking hazardous things.

+Eats all the carbs.  Loves Honey Comb.  Loves Cheese-Its.  But his favorite food is yogurt, aka "yodit."  Also still eats baby pureed food because he has no interest in real food outside of the carby snacks and yodit.

+I love hearing him sing B-I-N-G-O.  It's so cute!

6+ Weeks to NYC Marathon!

We leave in six weeks to go to the Big Apple!!  I am excited, if you can't tell.  I talk about the trip all the time, and how excited I am to go with my favorite man for some "us" time, then run with tens of thousands of our best friends through the awesomest city.  :)

Kind of like last year at the Chicago Marathon.  SO FUN.