5+ weeks to NYC Marathon!

5+ weeks until NYC!  Which means just barely over a month!  Sooooo excited.  Dominated thoughts.  Buying all the NYC colored things (blue+orange, really), and NYC marathon gear.  

Last year we didn't buy anything at the Chicago Expo, the lines were like 1:30-2:00 long just to check out, and that was first thing in the morning!  This year we're not making that mistake and we both ordered some stuff ahead of time, JIC.

I am pretty jazzed.  I didn't get the "iconic" jacket, but Ben did.  They technically aren't "finisher's gear," so does that mean we have to wait until after the race to wear them???

NYC Marathon NB HEAT LOFT Jacket
Style #:
Size: XS
Team Red
NYC Marathon Essentials PO Hoodie
Style #:
Size: XS
Team Red

I had custom nail decals made (lol), my friend with a shirt company made my shirt, and now I'm looking for compression socks.  

Be honest, am I going overboard???
Thank you My Dream Big Shop for the cute shirt!

I haven't trained on many hills because of my hamstring, but it's doing much better and this past little while I've been running all the hills.
Last weekend I had a split long run of 2:00 and 1:15, with a combined 2:00 of race pace (the second portion on hills).  With the cooler temperatures I am feeling stronger.  I hope it's not a phase and sticks around!
Ben is running upward 60 mile weeks and has so far peaked at 17 mile long runs.  I'm curious to see where our coach takes us from here.

38 days!  But who's counting?


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