15 Days...

Two weeks to go until we head to NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!

CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week I ran my peak long run at 18.60 miles (2:45:00 in zone 2).  I am feeling pretty good!  My legs are tired, and they were super tired for almost all the long run, but I suppose that is "peaking."  We are starting a gradual taper now, to freshen our legs up.
The New York City Marathon runs (pun intended ;) through the five boroughs: 
Staten Island
The Bronx

We start literally at the bridge from Staten Island (straight uphill!), and we finish in Central Park!!! 
Here is the course map:
And the elevation:
This upcoming weekend I have 2:00:00 of zone 2 w/a fast finish, then it's on to single digit running until race day. 

Ben has begun a full taper because his Achilles/ankles were starting to threaten after he's been logging 200 mile months.

We're almost there!

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