18 Miler Eve - 3 Weeks to NYC!

THREE WEEKS!  23 days!  





Tomorrow I have 2:45:00 of zone 2 effort running, which I imagine will put me somewhere between 18-19 miles.  My zone 2 is 8:39-9:20ish.  It will be my max long run for my NYC training cycle!  Marathon number nine.
I am running hills these days, at a lower heart rate than when I was running slower paces FLAT in the spring, when I ran my fastest races ever.  I can feel an increase in fitness and it is exciting for me.  A part of me wishes this was a goal timed marathon, because I am feeling so comfortable with running right now.  

BUT.  Alas.  Confidence is great, but this is the marathon, and the marathon is S T U P I D hard.  

I am wave 2, orange (10:10).  Ben is wave 1, green (9:35?).  Race goals are loose, but still tbd.

I've shown you bits and pieces of my outfit, I've found some arm sleeves, and the unfortunate timing is going to require me to wear black shorts (story of my marathon life), but that's okay, I found orange compression socks to complete the ensemble.  NYC marathon colors are essentially blue and orange, but NYC is also know for red, white, and blue, so those are kind of race colors too.

And new shoes!  They don't match, but they were a steal, so that was kind of a no brainer.  They look super fast though, right?  Jared Ward wears them, and he's running NYC too!
I snagged us some tickets to see Kelly & Ryan Live, and I am excitedly picking my outfits for cold weather (although I'll most likely want to wear my NYC jacket everyday after the race).  

9/11 museum & memorial
Pasta party
NYC marathon
Kelly & Ryan Live
Jersey Boys

What else must we do?  We've left some open spots so we can go seek out the Home Alone sites.  ;)  And other stuff.  NBC tour might be fun.  Statue of Liberty tour?  Empire State Building??

If we didn't have our family here, we might never come back.  I can't wait to go to New York City!

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