4 days to go!

In four days we are running for this bad boy...
Last week we both had our pre-race calls with our coach, and this time my biggest concern was discussing my diet.  I have not run a marathon since I started eating appropriately for my training level, and I want to make sure that I continue the trend during race week.

-Increase carb intake to 80%ish starting TODAY.
-Avoid high fiber Friday/Saturday.

I found two Chipotles by our hotel, so I plan to eat chicken bowls pretty much for every meal.  I'm packing a giant bag of bagels for the plane, and snacks for the hotel room.  (More bagels?? lol)
My last longer run on Saturday. ^^

The weatherrrrrrrr is going to be perfect!  Plan a race without a big goal, and you will get the best weather.

As far as goals, I plan to go out at a slow 9:xx pace (uphill), and then I hope to bring my average pace just under 9:xx to a PR.  My bigger goal, however, is to see everything around me, rather than hold myself to that PR.  It's NEW YORK CITY! 

This is my PR:
Meanwhile, we're not headed out until Friday because we can't miss Halloween with the boys!
^^Just woke up.

T-2 days until Ben and I head off to an epic race-cation!  And I am so excited!  Although as we get closer I start to dread missing my boys, but it will be a great time with Ben!

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