Super Awesome September

In the month of September we had a lot of birthday celebrations!:  mine, the boys', my mom's, and even my sister in-law all had birthdays.  We had a combined party for the boys, and the theme for the third year in a row was dinosaurs.  Rawr.

Bentley has really been into all things art, coloring, and drawing.  He draws us pictures everyday and some of them are hilarious.  He's also been really into monster trucks, and draws all types of them.
Bennett has finally stopped teething, and during these past couple of months he wouldn't go to sleep without my presence.  Since he was miserable I was like, whatever makes him happy.  (Fast forward to October and we are trying to break this habit, which is proving to be hard, and cute.)
The rule was once Bentley turned five, he had to start falling asleep in his own bed every night.  We expected a lot of push back, but on his birthday night, he climbed up into his bunk bed, and went to sleep.  We were amazed!  He's old enough to understand, and follow through.  We were impressed (and a little sad.  I wanted him to beg to fall asleep in our bed, and his sucker dad to let him.  ;)
In September, Ben buzzed his head, and then he cut my hair!  He's pretty good at everything, so I figured why not have him learn to cut my hair!?  I color it myself, so now we save like $200-250 because it's ridiculously expensive to go to the salon (and talk about time consuming -- six weeks goes by so fast).
Bennett, the sweet boy, has a bigger head than Bentley, and the helmet won't fasten because it won't fit!  He always wants to wear it, but I have to just balance it there and tell him sorry.  His head is 97%.
The weather has cooled down so we go to the park literally every single day!  Sometimes we go in the morning and then again in the evening, and it's been fun to enjoy the weather.
We also planted fall flowers and recently had the yard seeded for winter grass.  It'll be fun to hang out back there for the next many months.
We have had no monsoon, then one week we had a few days of straight storming, including a tornado warning and the most insane storm.  Ben got stuck in it driving home from work, and the hail dimpled his entire car that we had to file a claim with the insurance.  That's crappy!

(Also, note the picture Bentley drew that is in the collage below.)
We had dual doctor appointments/shots, and Bentley was 13% BMI (I am going off memory now, so I could be off a % or two), and Bennett was 82% BMI.  Bentley is tall and skinny, Bennett is average height and "a solid boy," per the pediatrician.
I will recap each boy again next month, but we sure love these sweet little guys and never want them to grow up.  They are so much fun, and make life the best!

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