26.2 in New York City!

Gosh, the New York City Marathon was pretty darn epic.  I loved it!!!  Ben loved NYC, but per his words:  "I kinda hate the marathon."  bahaha  

The marathon is hard, yo!

Let me preface this race post by saying I was so incredibly diligent with my diet leading up to it.  Traveling and carb loading is hard, and I am naturally not a heavy eater, so it took planning.  I packed bagels, rice cakes, snacks galore, I skipped the candy and sugar, and I had mapped out every Chipotle from Phoenix airport to our hotel in Times Square so we could get all the chicken rice bowls.  I think I may have out eat Ben!  (He disagrees lol but he will agree that he's never seen me devour all the foods like I did.)  I think eating made a huge difference on my race experience, too, as far as my energy went (I never bonked or felt depleted, when I bonked at mile 11 of my last marathon!!).  So if you are ever planning to run a  full marathon, track your food in My Fitness Pal during race week and it'll help you assure you're getting what you need.  Roughly I targeted 2000 calories with 70+% carbs the few days prior, but that obviously varies.


Race morning we met in the hotel lobby and our group had box breakfasts for us.  Soon enough we loaded buses to head for Staten Island, the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge, aka the race start!