October Accounts

I need to post both October and November months, but we'll start with October!  The month where the weather finally started cooling down and we frequented the park every day, multiple times!  June-August go on forever, but once we hit the nice months, they fly by in the blink of an eye!  We are enjoying them, however.  Big time!
Bentley had two cavities filled and he was really brave!  Once they gave him the gas, he was totally fine.  Just giggling.  Ben came to his appointment too, which was nice because one of us has to chase Dash.  :P

Take us back to NEW YORK!!

So it's been a month and I still keep thinking about how New York was amaaaaazing.  We had a fabulous trip, great weather, and a good, good time!  

Time relive the an epic 9th wedding anniversary vacation trip with my man.

First off, getting there was lonnng.  Getting through Halloween week (so many parties/activities), and having Halloween literally the night before we left, made it stressful.  I ended up with a headache the first three days of the trip because I was so stressed out, and that made the flight out there lonnnng because I couldn't read or anything!  But luckily I didn't get a migraine.  We arrived safely in about 4-1/2 hours flying time, and after a very trafficky taxi ride, we arrived at our hotel in Times Square!  Hello 31st floor!  You don't even seem high in this city.

I made eating a HUGE priority this trip, just ask Ben.  lol It's hard to travel far and not end up fasting for some duration of time, and we were trying to carb-load.  I packed bagels, oatmeal, rice cakes, pretzels, and we ate a chicken rice bowl at like 10:00am before our flight.  hahaha  Then it was Chipotle Chipotle Chipotleeeeeee all the time, I had the closest locations memorized.  Chicken and rice.  Chicken and rice.  I'm not even hungry, but more chicken and rice.  

The next morning it was first onto the Expo.